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The Emotion Code™

Trapped emotions often gather around the heart, creating a Heart-Wall. It can cause physical damage to your body.

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The Body Code™

The Body Code is so effective because it allows us to find specific problems and simply remove them. No guesswork - just results!

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Life Care

Releasing trapped emotions can actually assist you in reconnecting with yourself, taking back your power and healing!

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Your Brain

Communicating with your subconscious mind brings up trapped emotions that you are ready to release.

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  • "I had been suffering from pressure and pain down my left leg due to varicose veins. After one treatment of the Body Code from Donna, the pain and pressure were gone! My son had a horrible cough for a month, after two treatments and following the supplement protocol that his body tested for, the cough has minimized to an occasional cough! It has been amazing to see results on myself and family. Thank you for your work, Donna!"

    Mindy E.
  • "After just a couple sessions with Donna, I felt better with the anxiety I have struggled with for years. I felt blocked like I couldn't get further in my life goals. A lot of things were cleared and now I feel like I have more confidence to move forward and not as much 'stuff' weighing me down. Thank you Donna for your amazing talents and thorough approach."

    Holly N.
  • "My husband recently moved away due to work, and it has put a huge strain on our kids. My 10 year old son was affected by it the most. He was having angry outbursts, hitting and hurting his siblings, screaming at people, and at one point I thought he was going to run away from home. I even followed him to school to make sure he went. Donna did an emergency session on him. When he came home from school that day, he was much happier! While it's not any easier to have my husband gone for work, my son has been able to handle it better."

    Kelli R.
  • "For most of my life I’ve struggled through the darkness and hopelessness of depression. With the help of medication and mental health professionals I’ve been able to put on a happy face and the fake appearance that life was good while inside I felt darkness, hopelessness, worthlessness. After the suicidal death of my son almost three years ago, my life spiraled even further downward. Now added to deep depression was profound grief. Four months ago, knowing that I was in a really dark place in my life, my dear friend, Donna Nash, contacted me and introduced me to the Body Code and Emotion Code System. Because I was in such a dark place and I trust Donna with every fiber of my being, I agreed to let her work with me. What a great journey this is! With each heart wall and inherited emotion that is released, I feel the heaviness and the darkness being lifted. I feel hope and joy and acceptance, emotions I have never felt before. Also, I'm learning that when releasing an inherited emotion, that emotion is released from my family many generations past, from myself, from my immediate family, and from my posterity. I will forever be grateful for Donna and for the amazing Body Code and Emotion Code System. The amount of healing we’ve made in just a short amount of time has literally been life changing."

    Nancy L.
  • "Because of some extensive back surgery, I have suffered constant pain in my back, hips, and legs. I have not wanted to go to sleep because the pain increases tremendously. Through Emotion Code healing and Body Code healing, I now have little or no pain, and I am able to sleep at night. This is a wonderful change for me. My quality of life is closer to normal. I’m so glad Donna has found her talent to help facilitate healing in my body and spirit."

    Sherri W.
September 28, 2017

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September 19, 2017

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