Meet Donna

donna-croppedSeveral years ago I had pancreatic cancer.

I survived. But not without consequences.

Because most of my pancreas was removed, as well as my spleen and gall bladder, I developed other health issues. Fast forward to more recently: I got a staph infection on my foot which began spreading up my leg. It was so bad, the doctor literally stepped away from me and put on gloves and a mask when I took off my shoe.

He asked if I had diabetes because “this is the way it looks when we need to amputate the foot.”

Okay… so that totally freaked me out! He gave me five different medications to take care of the problem. I faithfully took the medications and saw him several times a week for many weeks. Regarding one of the medications, he said, “We normally only give this medication for two weeks, but I want you to take it for a month.” After the month, he wanted it to continue for another three weeks. At the seven week mark, we were traveling home from a visit with one of our sons and his family and stopped to get a bite to eat. The food tasted so nasty that I threw it away. When we got home I got something to eat out of our refrigerator and it tasted so bad that I threw THAT away. I threw away a LOT of food over the next day or so – thinking it had gone bad while we were away. My husband kept telling me that the food tasted fine, but it definitely did not! I began to wonder if it was really me, because now the water tasted so bad I literally could not swallow it. I got onto the internet and asked why my taste buds did not seem to be working. The answer made me sick. It was the very medication I had been taking for the last seven weeks. It was a rare side effect and of course I got it. AND….it said that the condition could be permanent. Again….I slightly freaked out. I went to my doctor who absolutely denied that it was my medication and gave me ANOTHER medication to “fix” the problem. When that did not work and I could not eat anything without having to spit it out immediately, I just kind of gave up and figured this was going to be my new way of life. And it was for about four months. Well…that was a great way to lose weight….but a horrible effect on my body and mind.

I began to notice that my other foot started to drag. I couldn’t lift it properly. Lots of horrible testing later and it was confirmed….I had Drop Foot. Three months of physical therapy almost fixed it.

My left shoulder started having significant pain. Unbearable pain. Torn rotator cuff. Then while babying my left shoulder, my right shoulder started hurting. More unbearable pain. Torn rotator cuff in my right shoulder. Terrible injections…less pain.

Both of my wrists started hurting. Carpal tunnel. Both wrists?!? Really?

Okay…so I am finally getting on top of the drop foot, both rotator cuffs, carpal tunnel, and then my hair started falling out. And I don’t mean just a little. It was falling out by the handfuls every single day. Every morning I would wake up and tell myself that I would be happy no matter what. As soon as I started doing my hair….and the handfuls of hair were coming out….I just couldn’t stay happy.

It was then that I remembered an incident several years ago when I was helped through a difficult time in my life with energy healing (which at the time was waaaaay out of my comfort zone). Then, out of the blue my niece sent me a webinar to watch and it changed my life. It was a webinar with Dr. Bradley Nelson doing energy healing through the Body Code. I KNEW I needed to use it to help ME. Everything felt TRUE. Everything he was teaching was what I believed in my very core. I wanted to be clean from the inside out. I wanted to Cleanse My Inner Vessel. Those were the very words that kept running through my mind as I worked on myself.

After several months of working on myself and seeing the HUGE changes in my physical self, but more importantly in my emotional self, I wanted this for my family. And my friends. And anyone else who might be hurting emotionally or physically. And now here I am.

There are so many who put on a brave smile and let the world believe that all is right and good with them. But they know within themselves that they are hurting. They feel like damaged goods. They feel that no one can see them for who they really are or understand what they have gone through – and continue to go through. They can’t let go of past hurts. They are angry with the injustice that has been dealt them. No matter how they try to get past it, it still creeps up on them and they continue carrying the emotional baggage. They find it hard and sometimes impossible to forgive others and themselves.

I believe it is only through the atonement of our Savior, Jesus Christ that we can truly be healed. In a world of turmoil we can have peace within by cleansing our inner vessel. By starting the healing from the inside out – cleansing our inner vessel – we are able to more easily forgive ourselves and others.

I absolutely LOVE working with individuals to help release the negative emotions/imbalances that are keeping them from being their very best. It is my favorite part of the day! My life is about service. If I can help you or a loved one cleanse your inner vessel to become your very best self, please contact me! Let’s bring joy into your life!

“I highly recommend Donna and the Emotion Code/Body Code modality of energy work!  Donna cleared many painful gynecological symptoms I was experiencing for way too long. I just couldn’t clear all the trapped emotions on my own. Without her help I would have had to undergo surgery. Having her help in avoiding that is priceless! Knowing that most ailments are caused by our emotions and that there is a way to clear them has brought me incredible peace and freedom. Thank you Donna for your amazing work!”

Becky G., Gilbert, AZ

Now, meet Dr. Bradley Nelson, who has dedicated his life to the research and advancement of The Emotion Code and The Body Code.